Welcome to our crib: San Pancho style

Our house San Pancho Mexico

Welcome to our new home in San Pancho, Mexico. You already know that we’ve fallen head over heels for the town with its enchanting mix of beach, jungle, cobbled stone streets and splendid people, so we thought it was about time we introduced you to our charming little home where we plan to stay until April. It’s the longest we’ve stayed anyone on our trip but, like I said, we’re in love! 

Our apartment costs $500 a month and includes hot water, internet and a weekly clean including fresh towels (we didn’t realise this until the first time it happened and were blown away by the luxury of it!). We found it through one of our friends in town who lives on the same road. There was no advertisement or sign, which is the case for most of the long-term rentals in town. To find somewhere, you simply have to walk around and ask. There’s a big divide between holiday rental prices and places, like ours, that rent by the month – some of the cheaper holiday places are $500 a week, and the expensive ones cost that a day! This is why you need to be in town to find a bargain.

Apartment in San Pancho outside

Our house is just one small block from the main street on a pretty, plant-lined, cobbled stone street. Our landlord, a friendly Mexican lady named Angela, lives downstairs, and we have the top floor, which is like a mini house in itself.

Staircase to apartment San pancho Mexico

It’s accessed via its own  stairway so we have plenty of privacy.

Mosaic tiles, San Pancho, Mexico

The tiled steps are particularly pretty.

Steve's office San Pancho Mexico

Inside, there is a little living room/office. Steve has now put a desk in here, which is where he does his editing.

Our bedroom San Pancho, Mexico

Behind that is the bedroom, complete with a dressing table, open wardrobe and en-suite bathroom.

Balcony San Pancho Mexico apartment

A balcony runs along the whole side of the house…

Balcony view San Pancho Mexico apartment

…with a view that reaches across the town to the jungled mountains yonder.

My office San pancho Mexio

My office is outside on the rooftop. This is also my ‘playpen’ where I practice yoga and hula-hooping.

My office San Pancho mexico

The door behind leads to the kitchen, which is open-air on one side.

Kitchen apartment San pancho Mexico

We were delighted when we saw that the kitchen had a blender, perfect for making smoothies. The only downfall is a lack of oven (which is the case for most rental places in South and Central America), but we’ve been amazed at what our little toaster oven can do. We also love the breakfast bar.

Garden San pancho Mexcio apartment

One of our favourite things is the amount of plants that grow on on terrace – from roses, to aloe vera, to herbs. The terrace also extends to the back, where Angela hangs her washing.

San Pancho fire sunset

All this is made extra wonderful by the fact the beach is only a few minutes walk away. We can hear the waves from our terrace, and love to walk down there each day for sunset. My yoga class, our friends, and tons of excellent restaurants are also just minutes away, and every day, different trucks drive by selling their wares – from watermelons, to mattresses to gas. We’ve never lived somewhere so convenient!

So there you have our house. Remember mi casa es su casa, so let us know if you’re passing through San Pancho. We’d love to see you!

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42 Responses to Welcome to our crib: San Pancho style

  1. Tobias

    I want to live in this house – for a while forever!
    Tobias recently posted..Cooking for Red Cross ChildrenMy Profile

    • Victoria

      Maybe you’ll find your way here one day!

  2. Steph

    Beautiful! I am jealous- I love the kitchen!
    Steph recently posted..Road Reads Volume 2My Profile

    • Victoria

      Me too. We both love how open it is. It’s wonderful being somewhere this warm!

  3. jmayel & sacha

    Awesome looking place guys.
    jmayel & sacha recently posted..Ban Dalah Resort, Pai – A Countryside OasisMy Profile

    • Victoria

      Cheers guys. We feel pretty darn lucky to be here!

  4. lori

    WOW! Absolutely perfect! I hope your home is filled with love, luck and laughter!

    • Victoria

      Thanks Lori :)

  5. Beardo Flares

    Goodness gracious, I want to pack my bags right now! Just 10 months 6 days 5 hours 13 minutes 12 seconds until me and my girlfriend start our long term traveling, not that I am counting… Keep the posts coming very inspiring :-)

    • Victoria

      Thanks Beardo. Good luck with your travels. I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time :)

  6. Linda

    So utterly adorable !!!

    • Victoria

      It looks like a toy house, doesn’t it?!

  7. Murissa @TheWanderfullTraveler

    What a charming Mexican abode!
    Yoga with that view would be a dream.
    Murissa @TheWanderfullTraveler recently posted..Winter Blues & Shades of GreyMy Profile

    • Victoria

      It is – and definitely makes maintaining a daily practice much more doable!

  8. Britany

    That place is adorable! Love the tiled steps. I’ve got a month long rental in Colombia for now and have also had to learn to live without an oven.

    Hope you guys enjoy your time there!
    Britany recently posted..Its All About the Journey, Right? An Amusing Trip to Santa Fe de AntioquiaMy Profile

    • Victoria

      Yep, this whole no oven thing is a challenge but we’re getting used to it. Hope you’re having an awesome time in Colombia.

  9. vira

    OMG I love your house, it’s beautiful! Gives me great ideas for my flat renovation :D

    • Victoria

      Thank you! Good luck with the renovation :)

  10. Petite Adventures

    Stunning – looks nothing short of paradise!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca
    Petite Adventures recently posted..Style Profile: Alison ElleMy Profile

    • Victoria

      That’s how we feel too!

  11. Tessa

    Hi Victoria and Steve. I just stumbled onto your site via Twitter. Best accident I made all week! You got a fan in me!

    Tessa recently posted..Dear East Africa – Nakuru Safari ParkMy Profile

    • Victoria

      Wonderful! We’re delighted you found us. Happy travels!

  12. Teresa Roberts

    Love, love, love Mexico! Love it!!! Having lived in San Miguel de Allende and Ajijic for about 6 months in all, as well as driven from the U.S. border to the border of El Salvador, I think I know this marvelous country fairly well. This happy international house sitter totally gets it!

    • Victoria

      We feel exactly the same! Perhaps we’ll cross paths at some point in this fine country :)

  13. James

    I love how the stair is decorated :)
    James recently posted..Sapa Vietnam – A Complete Travel Guide updated Tue Feb 5 2013 2:17 am ESTMy Profile

    • Victoria

      I definitely intend to copy it if we ever buy our own house!

  14. Dana Carmel @ Time Travel Plans

    What a cute house! A truck that sells mattresses – how cool is that?!
    Dana Carmel @ Time Travel Plans recently posted..Rio’s FavelasMy Profile

    • Victoria

      That’s what i think every time I see it go by!

  15. Sarah

    Gorgeous! I love your Mexican pad, its so roomy and quaintly designed. It’ll be hard to leave hey?
    Sarah recently posted..Same Same But Different: A HomecomingMy Profile

    • Victoria

      It will be! We’re heading home at the end of April but not for long. I imagine we’ll return to San Pancho at some point.

  16. Joe Can Write

    That looks great! Such good value for money.

    What is the cost of living like in general out there?

    Joe Can Write recently posted..Content ReviewMy Profile

  17. Julia

    Heading back to Mexico in March and we’re looking for somewhere to base ourselves for a while as we travel around. I’ve never heard of this area, but it looks so pretty and the house is lovely!
    Julia recently posted..The View From My Window: RomaniaMy Profile

    • Victoria

      We’ll be here until April so perhaps we’ll cross paths! The off-season when it’s very humid and rainy (but also cheaper) starts around then. Keep in touch!

  18. jose

    could you email the address of the apartment in san pancho me and my girlfriend should be moving that way next winter fingers crossed

    • Victoria

      Hi Jose,
      I don’t think our owner has an email. It’s more of a ‘show up and ask’ kind of place. I will ask though, just in case. There ar eplenty of houses here so I’m pretty sure you’ll find something. Enjoy San Pancho! It’s a great place!

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  20. Steeve

    Too pretty not to be expensive !!!!!!!

  21. Christine

    Wow! This looks amazing! My boyfriend and I are researching spots to settle for a bit and do some volunteering in Mexico. We’ve never been too far north of Mexico City, but your photos of San Pancho are giving us new ideas! Just wondering, we’re on a pretty tight budget. Did you come across other rental options for much cheaper? Something more like a room in a house or building? Thanks!

    • Victoria

      Hi Christine, it is possible to find cheaper places to live, but do bear in mind that the town is tiny so the options are limited. Shannon at alittleadrift.com wrote a good blog piece on the cost of living in San Pancho. As did, Simon and Erin at Never Ending Voyage. I recommend looking at both of their blogs. And Steph and Mike of Twenty-Something Travel and Art of Backpacking have just moved to the town next door (Sayulita) so they may also have some good advice. Hope that helps!

      • Christine

        Thanks Victoria! Great info. We appreciate the help! Sounds like that area is popular with backpackers and bloggers!

  22. Noelle

    What a charming little house! I am in San Poncho in March, and doing a little research for an upcoming book, would love to have an opportunity to ask more questions if you have some time?

    • Victoria

      Sure. Email me and I’ll be happy to help.


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