Writing on the wall: street art and graffiti in Sao Paulo

The walls in Brazil are completely alive with street art. From the winding murals of Santa Teresa in Rio, to the hyper-glyphs and psychedelic pandas of Sao Paulo’s backstreets, you can sometimes hardly turn a corner without seeing a piece of finely crafted visual madness. The current mayor of Sao Paulo banned advertising above a certain size, leaving a city stripped of the visual and mental pollution of corporate wares, and free to explore itself through “guerilla tiling”, countless styles of graffiti, and art fly-posting across every available wall. Here are some of our discoveries of the graffiti from Sao Paulo and Rio, which are just a fraction of the photos we took, themselves barely a glimpse of what’s out there…

Photos of graffiti in Sao Paulo

Click on the images to enlarge and then scroll through using the arrows on either side.

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