Photo of the week: George the sagui monkey in Rio

Sagui monkey in Rio, Brazil


From now on Friday is ‘Photo of the week’ day. Up first is this excellent sagui monkey we met at the top of the Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio. Steve named him George, which we think is pretty fitting. Monkeys like George run amok on top of the Sugar Loaf and you can also find them on Ilha Grande.


Monkey safety tips

Since meeting George we’ve had some run in with other monkeys that have made us a lot more wary of cute-looking primates. You should read ur full story about the time we were held under siege by monkeys in a house in Bali. It was truly a terrifying experience.

Our advice is to always be careful around monkeys. They may look cute, but they can also be very aggressive. We got into trouble in Bali because we moved into a house that they had claimed as their territory. This was an unusual situation, but a good reminder that monkeys are not always afraid of humans.

People also often have problems with monkeys and food, especially in touristy place where monkeys are used to being fed. If you have food on you in an area like this then the money will do their best to get it. If they try, I’d advise just giving it to them rather than risk their aggression. Monkeys carry a lot of diseases and it’s simply not worth the risk. Of course, some people choose to feed the monkeys, which exacerbates the situation and is also risky as the monkey may bite / scratch if they want more. Don’t expect them to shake your hand and say thanks!

It pains me to say this as I used to think that monkeys were simply wonderful and that I could interact with them without fear. Nowadays, I still think they’re wonderful but I keep a respectful distance.

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  1. says

    Wow, I love this photo. It almost looks like a painting to me. The background is like a blurry close-up of George’s fur and the whole image seems very tactile. I love his earnest little face too – so cute!

    • Victoria says

      Thanks Hannah. We love this photo too. It’s currently Steve’s backdrop on his laptop. George was such a excellent and curious little creature.

  2. says

    You can find these monkeys almost anywhere in Rio, actually.

    I live in Joá, near the Rocinha slum and there SO MANY of them here. It’s nice to see them when I’m out but they are actually VERY cheeky! They just go inside my house all the time and the all the food… It’s hard to live with them!

    • Victoria says

      I bet it is! We had some scary encounters with monkeys when living in Ubud. They’re brazen little things!

  3. says

    Awww it’s so cute! I’m usually quite afraid of monkeys (because of their aggressive behavior), but this one seems friendly :)
    We’re planning to visit Rio this year and I’m already looking forward to visit Sugar Loaf mountain. I hope we’ll be lucky and we’ll manage to see them :)

    Have fun and happy travels,

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