Photo of the week: Cosmic street panda

Panda in Beco do Batman, Sao PauloThe street art is phenomenal in Brazil, especially in Sao Paulo. The amount of excellent graffiti crammed into this small network of alleyways – Beco do Batman – is mind blowing. We’ve seen this cosmic panda elsewhere in South America, but can’t find out who the artist as: anyone know?

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    • Victoria says

      The quality and quantity of street art in Brazil is amazing – we were consistently blown away. Check out our other post here on Brazilian street art
      Sao Paulo though, particularly, has something special going on.

  1. Christy @ Technosyncratic says

    We LOVE street art; Berlin is our favorite, but we’ve heard that Brazil has an awesome art culture as well.

    And these little pandas are super adorbs; I like how the piece extends onto the sidewalk. :)

    • Victoria says

      Ah, yes of course Berlin. To my shame, I haven’t been (Im from London so mo excuse) but Steve has. ant wait to visit one day.

  2. JanJan says

    Hey Victoria,

    The graffiti artist’s name is Marina Zumi, you might have seen her works in Argentina as she is from there, but she lives in São Paulo. I really like her work too :)

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