Photo of the week: Buenos Aires, land of books

Buenos Aires is filled to the brim with enchanting book stores like the one hiding behind the window here. Eterna Cadencia was one of my favourite places to spend time, browsing the shelves and whiling away an afternoon with a coffee, a cake and a laptop.

Best bookshops and cafes in Buenos Aires

My favourite places to hang out during my time in Palermo were Eterna Cadencia and Libros del Pasaje. I wish that both of them were round the corner from where I live in London. During the chilly Autumn months in Buenos Aires, they offered perfect cosy respite. I spent many any hour sipping submarinos (hot milk with a big block of chocolate to melt into) and reading or working on my laptop. Eterna Cadencia had old world charm while Libros del Pasaje felt like being in a Seattle bookstore. Both were in my eyes, in a word, perfect.

The most famous bookshop in Buenos Aires

I loved hanging out in Eterna Cadencia and Libros del Pasaje, but the prize for most spectacular bookstore has to go to El Ateneo, which regularly makes the list of best bookshops in the world. Housed in an old theatre, it’s huge and looks like a temple to literature. If you like bookshop even a teeny but, then this one isn’t to be missed.

Buenos Aires travel tips

I’ve written a post on my favourite book shops in Buenos Aires, as well as the best vegetarian restaurants, the best cafes in Palermo, Buenos Aires, and vegetarian puerta cerradas. I was there for two months and have also written a guide to Buenos Aires barrios, where to learn tango in Buenos Aires, and how to meet people in Buenos Aires.

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