Photo of the week: a whisky on glacier ice

Delicious whisky at the end of the walk, Perito Moreno

Steve and I developed a taste for whisky after being served some for free on a nightbus from Iguazu to Buenos Aires. But no whiskey since has tasted as good as the one we were given at the end of an ice trek on Perito Moreno glacier. The Famous Grouse was served on glacier ice – can’t get much better than that! See more photos in our post on Perito Moreno.


Our love affair with whiskey began on a bus but truly took hold in El Chalten where we spent a lot of time waiting for the clouds to pass in a hotel bar of a place called Hotel Aldea. When night came, the owner Eduardo would offer us a whiskey from his extensive collection from around the world. Alongside the mountain, whiskey was his passion and his tales of the drink and where each bottle came from inspired a new appreciation for whiskey that we’ve had ever since. Before I thought it too strong. It made me wince a little, like alcohol does on a young palette. But Eduardo taught me how to drink it – to sip and look for the different tastes and feels as they spread throughout the mouth and throat. There’s nothing like it when it’s snowing. Nowadays, my favourite whiskey is Rye, especially in an Old Fashioned. Steve and I always try to seek out the best Old Fashioned in every city we go to, and we’re perfecting the art at home. I wrote a post once on why stories taste better, and my journey with whiskey is a good example. I never drink it without a thought back to the Hotel Aldea and Eduardo, the man who loved a mountain.

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