A few of our favourite things (September 2013)

A few of our favourite things (sept)

Since the first favourite things post, Steve has started sending me his finds from around the internet too, hence the title change. We have so many things to choose from, I could likely make it a weekly occurrence, but for now monthly will do. Here’s our pick of the best from September. Hope you enjoy. Read more

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DKITYTI: Radical Inquiry and The Way of Mastery

Flower offering, Kayma Spa

You may be starting to wonder if I’m going to come across something I don’t enjoy in this series  – well here’s the first one.

It started badly with a gaze that lasted too long. You know the type. You say your hellos and then they proceed to look deep into your eyes, nodding their head slightly, perhaps with a little ‘hmmmm’, as if to acknowledge some inscrutable truth that’s been passed between you. I’m all up for eye contact, but the lingering’s a step too far. Read more

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A family holiday in Tuscany: a photo story

San Gimignano

In May, Steve and I joined his Mum, Dad, two brothers and their wives, and one baby for a family holiday to Tuscany. It’s about time we shared the photos. Read more

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DKITYTI: The John of God crystal light bed

Fairy spirits above Victoria's head

“Is this the one where a ghost might touch your bum?” said Steve.

“Not quite, but yes it is the one you’re thinking of.” I’d been warned that I might feel spirits working on my insides during the session. This was a good thing as far I was concerned – I wanted proof.

The session in question was an energy healing using a crystal bed from John of God — a medium and psychic surgeon from Brazil. It was the first I’d heard of him but it turns out he’s quite the spiritual superstar and widely acclaimed as the world’s greatest living healer. Read more

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Frida and Diego: a photo story in Mexico City

Frida and Diego

Ever since reading The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver, I’ve been fascinated by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Their love story captivated me and I was enthralled by their passion, art and political involvement. It’s the first piece of historical fiction I’ve ever read that made me desperate to know more of the lives depicted.

When earlier this year, on the way home from San Pancho, we had a one-day stopover in Mexico City, I knew exactly what I wanted to do – visit Frida’s La Casa Azul and the Palacio de Bellas Artes, home to Diego Rivera’s famous El Hombre En El Cruce de Caminos (Man at the Crossroads) mural. Here are some photos from our visit. Read more

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A few of my favourite things (August 2013)

Favourite things

Some of my favourite kinds of blog posts are round-ups of people’s finds from around the internet, art and life. I particularly love Jodi of Legal Nomad’s monthly newletter and The Everywhereist’s The Week.  For a while, I used to include my own recommendations in the Bridges and Balloons newsletter, but I found I had too many to choose from and too much else I wanted to say, so I’ve decided to separate the links and make them into a monthly post. There’s no particular theme, other than that they are things I enjoy. Some will be timely, others not. I hope you enjoy it. Read more

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