Is this the best school in the world?

Pre Kinder at Green School

One of the reasons we were drawn to Bali was a school. We’re not planning on having kids anytime soon nor do we even know if that’s a path we’ll go down, but we realised when we were in San Pancho that when it comes to choosing a place to live, good education options might be something we need to pay attention to. San Pancho has that covered with the Costa Verde School in Sayulita, which has a focus on sustainability – something I hadn’t come across before in a school. It prompted me to do a little research into other eco-focused schools around the world, through which I quickly found Bali’s Green School.

Voted the Greenest School on Earth, Green School lies just outside Ubud and is one of the most fascinating schools I’ve ever come across.  Read more

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A few of our favourite things (December part II)

A few of our favourite things dec 2

Right now I’m too excited to write. Some of my favourite friends in the world are on their way to Devon to celebrate the new year with us. Yay! So while I sit grinning by the window, here are some favourite things for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy. And Happy New Year everyone! Read more

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A surprise weekend in Paris

Locks on love lock bridge paris

Eleven years ago, I saw a boy dressed in a red hat, a red hoodie and a pair of baggy blue jeans. Looking at him that day, intuition and a skip of the heart told me that there was a story to be written between us. It took some time to get going – we were friends for six years before finally the romance chapters began – but it’s a story I grow to cherish more every day. In November, we celebrated five years together, and to celebrate, that red-hatted boy surprised me with a weekend in Paris. It was magical. Here’s the Paris chapter à la Instagram… Read more

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Time to say f*ck it

Victoria eating a biscuit

I’m writing this with some homemade cookies and a coffee complete with milk. Dairy, wheat, caffeine, sugar, it’s all there and it’s glorious.

I’ve been in rebellion mode for a month now. Two months of austerity in Ubud came to a crashing close at the Writers and Readers Festival where the arrival of the literary elite pushed away my health experiments and made way for wine, coffee and cake.

I was meant to introduce things slowly, check one by one to see what, if anything, I was allergic to. Instead, I went to an opening party, saw free wine and cake and said “f*ck it” to the whole darn thing. Free wine in a country where it costs at least $25 a bottle, coupled with my favourite of all foodstuffs?! The diet had no chance.

But did I regret it? Read more

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A few of our favourite things (December video edition)

Our favourite things, december

This week, I have finally created a semblance of order to life, plans and projects. Therefore, my current favourite things are OmniFocus, Evernote, Feedly, Pocket and Sparrow. I’ve resisted the tech for some time, but I must admit the order feels good.

Another favourite thing is Devon. We’re really enjoying our time here. I love my office that looks out to the hills, the fact we’re 15-minutes walk from the sea, and that every weekend there’s a quaint Christmas fete where I can spend 50p’s on the tombola. Delightful is how I’d describe it.

I’ll post with more news soon, but for the meantime, here’s a round-up of some of our favourite things from around the internet. This one is a special video edition, and includes some suggestions from our good friend Max (thank you!). Read more

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A weekend by the beach in Bali

Victoria on Balangan beach Bali

As we approached our last weekend on Bali, we realised we’d only managed to visit the beach once in our entire five months there. Both of us had been so busy on our various projects that we’d had little time off, and Ubud kept us more than entertained for the leisure time we did have. In fact, aside from our trip to the Gilis and Village Above the Clouds, we hadn’t left the town for more than a day trip. This is madness for a girl who loves beaches and is living on an island so when the final weekend came, we decided we really had to visit the coast – we were, after all, about to head back to a very cold UK! We debated heading to Amed, but finally decided on the Bukit peninsula, in particular the surf beach, Balangan. Here are some photos from our trip:

Read more

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