The day we went in a hot air balloon. Oh my.

Balloon mandala

With a name and design like ours, it was about time we went up in a hot air balloon, and we were delighted when Vol de Coloms invited us to do just that on a recent trip to Catalonia. Me oh my, what a day. Read more

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Fifty four reasons to love San Pancho (part two)

Marietas boat time

Continuing with our ‘We miss San Pancho’ theme, here’s the second half of our Fifty four reasons to love San Pancho list… Read more

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Fifty four reasons to love San Pancho – part one

San pancho graffiti

As you know, San Pancho was a town that surprised us. A month’s stay easily turned into six months and it may well be a place we plant roots. We loved and love it there, and my oh my how much we miss it. In homage to our beloved town, here are some reasons to love the San Francisco you’ve never heard of. Read more

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Love in the shape of origami

Origami crane letter

This week, we have mostly been spending time with the sort of wonderful people who send letters like this. We love them, we’ve missed them and we are trying to cram in as much time as possible with each and every one of them. London has greeted us with more warmth than we could reasonably expect. Hence, I’m afraid there is no blog post this week. I promise an especially mega one on Tuesday.

From London, with love x

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Butter Mandalas and flowers with nine lives

Smiling flower

It was disorientating enough, arriving back in England after 14 months away – and matters were intensified by the fact it felt more like November than Spring. The trees were bare and the air had a frosty bite. One week later, and it looks like things are brightening with buds on trees and sun in the sky. I’ve even ventured out of my duffle coat. But that’s enough of the weather report (I am after all English), and after that little interlude, what better excuse for a reminiscing display of San Pancho’s finest flowers. Now that place knows how to do Spring!

We’re not sure of their names so we’ve taken the liberty of assigning our own, including the splendid Peekaboo Player above. Read more

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On goodbyes and what comes next…

Everything flows

Eleven years ago, I left a little town in Sri Lanka with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I’d been there two months and fallen in love with the place and its people. Multiply that feeling by a hundred and you have how I feel today, leaving San Pancho behind. Read more

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