Most excellent travel blog posts: June 2012

Credit to Lisa Field-Elliot

By Lisa Field-Elliot of Doorways Traveller.

I spend so much time reading travel blogs, and find so many things that I like, that I thought I may as well starting sharing my pick of the bunch with you. Here’s my list of the blogs I most enjoyed this June.

The ones that inspired me

WTF Weds: I have a brain tumour. I’ve named it Steve by The Everywhereist
I have only been following the Everywherist for a while but was touched and inspired by this remarkably brave and witty blog post. It seems Steve had no chance up against a strong spirit like Geraldine.

Thoughts from a travelling spinster on her birthday by Bacon is magic
I always love Ayngelina’s honest and thoughtful blog posts. I particularly liked this one about how she doesn’t know yet if she wants a family. I often wonder if that clock will ever chime for me. I also enjoyed 35 things I learned from traveling in Latin America.

What dreams may come by Further Bound
Hannah is a few months away from starting her dream trip. I love following her blog as the anticipation mounts. This post on the importance of following dreams is beautiful.

The ones that are simply beautiful

On our own by Doorways Traveller 
I am completely head-over-heels in love with the photography on this poetic blog. It reminds me of Oh Comely, a magazine I write for the in the UK.

A five dollar bungalow in Thailand – in search of the perfect accommodation by The Fearful Adventurer

Torre’s plans for her bargain writer’s retreat/romantic hideaway are stunning. And look at that view!

The ones that taught me something

What I wonder when I wander: Bottled Up Guilt by Globetrotter Girls
The first of this excellent new series by the Globetrotter Girls examines the guilt-inducing amount of bottled water we as travellers tend to drink. At the end, they mention the SteriPEN, which sounds like an amazing piece of kit.

35 random observations about Thailand by Never Ending Voyage
Did you know that in Thailand the national anthem plays twice every day, and that people stop and stand in silence for it? I’ve been to Thailand a couple of times, but many of these observations were new to me. We cant wait to go back next year.

How the Mexican drug cartel operates by Reading by Eugene
This isn’t a travel blog but it pointed me towards an amazing long-form New York Times article on how the Mexican drug cartel works – fascinating.

A little thought on why I left to travel, how I pay for it, and how to work as an expat by A little Adrift
I’m always fascinated to hear why people have chosen a path of travel and how they go about doing it. This post was greatly informative and down-to-earth.

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15 Responses to Most excellent travel blog posts: June 2012

  1. Ayngelina

    Thanks so much for the mention, you should chime in more in the comments as I did not realize you were reading – but love your site design, really soothing.
    Ayngelina recently posted..Food Friday: Birthday Food!My Profile

    • Victoria

      Thank you Ayngelina. I’ll be sure to pipe up more often!

  2. lisa field-elliot

    So touched to be included, and to make a new friend. xx

    • Victoria

      Thank you Lisa. Your blog really is beautiful. I’d love to be able to take photos like that.

  3. Erin

    Thanks for featuring our Thailand post. Geraldine’s post is amazing – so moving yet hilarious.
    Erin recently posted..Nomadic Interviews: Life RemotelyMy Profile

    • Victoria

      No problem. We really enjoyed your post on Thailand – can’t wait to visit next year. I agree that Geraldine’s post is incredible.

  4. Elizabeth

    Really great post with some great blogs! Thanks for the new reading, including your blog :) Excited to read about your adventures!
    Elizabeth recently yourselfMy Profile

    • Victoria

      Thanks Elizabeth. I’ve been enjoying your blog too – great photos!

  5. Dani

    I love these round-ups, I always find new blogs that way or posts that I missed. And of course I love that you included our post! We just got a Steripen, btw, just in time for our trip to Mexico! Can’t wait to test it.
    Dani recently posted..Polaroid of the week: Vintage car in Bisbee, ArizonaMy Profile

  6. Hannah

    Thank you so much for including me in your new monthly round-up, I’m grateful and flattered. It has been so wonderful discovering your blog and connecting with you, and I look forward to the time when our paths eventually cross. As a fellow vegetarian whiskey lover I am sure we will have a blast :)
    Hannah recently posted..Down but not outMy Profile

    • Victoria

      My pleasure Hannah. Steve and I have really developed a taste for whiskey on this trip. They even serve it on some of the bus journeys! Look forward to meeting you over an excellent Old Fashioned.

  7. Katherine - Kapcha The World

    Great list Victoria. Some of my favourite blogs listed.
    Katherine – Kapcha The World recently posted..Fly London to Sydney in 4 hours on the Son of Concorde? Yes please!My Profile

    • Victoria

      Thanks Katherine. As you can see, they are some of my favourites too. I’ll be sure to have a look at yours later.

  8. Torre – Fearful Adventurer

    Thanks for the mention! Pics of the make-over are coming very soon. Only problem is, the view is so great here that taking my eyes off it to blog is proving to be a problem. :)

    • Victoria

      I can imagine! Hope you’re having a wonderful time.


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