Most excellent travel blog posts: July 2012

Plaza 9 de Julio, Salta

Here is the second installment of ‘Most excellent travel blog posts‘ where I share with you the words I most enjoyed reading this month.  I hope you’ll like them too.

The one that made me laugh

Fighting the common cold in Kunming by Unbrave Girl

Sally’s blog posts are always hilarious but this one stood out in particular, perhaps because Steve and I were under the weather too so the “hallucinations” tickled us. Read on for tales of dragon-fruit pizza and peppermint prunes.

The reflective ones

“This whole thing, this life that each of us are building for ourselves, is a total crapshoot.” Twenty-Something Travel

How is it being home? Part 1 by On our own path

I’ve been following Kyle and Bessie’s journey in Asia for some time and was interested to know how they’d cope with the transition back to Chicago. This is the first post of two, which answers that question ‘How does it feel to be home?’.

What I’ve learned from three years travel blogging by Twenty-Something Travel

I love these ‘what I’ve learned’ posts and this one is a brilliant example. Steph doesn’t normally blog about her work and this is a great insight into her life as a travel blogger. As a newbie, it was a wonderfully inspiring read, and so much of it rang true even in these early days.

The ones that inspired me

“Once I truly start believing what I was saying, there was an amazing shift” Nathan Agin

How can I get healthy on the road? by Globetrotter Girls

I know I included the Globetrotter Girls last month but this post was so spot-on that I couldn’t resist it. It even kicked me into gear and got me practising yoga again, which is no mean feat. It looks as the challenge of staying healthy on the road and has prompted some excellent discussion in the comments.

Nonstop Awesomeness e-mails by Nonstop Awesomeness

I discovered Nathan’s site in the comments of the Globetrotter Girls’ article and instantly signed up to his email series ’5 ways to awesome days’, which includes 5 tips on how to stay healthy wherever you are. I’ve only had two so far but I’m already finding them useful. This is a great site for anyone looking to stay healthy on the road.

The beautiful ones

Giving a makeover to a five-dollar bungalow in Thailand by Fearful Adventurer

Last month I featured Torre’s plans for her $5 bungalow in Thailand. These are the results and they’re even more stunning then originally imagined.

Rockin’ the Capture the Color photo contest by Overyonderlust

We’re really enjoying all the Capture the Color blog posts, and this is one of our favourite entries so far. Overyonderlust is full of heat photos and this is an awesome selection.

The one that taught me something

“52% of adolescent girls (and 57% of adolescent boys) think it is justifiable for a man to beat his wife.” The Guardian

Why India is bad for women on The Guardian

This isn’t a blog post but it’s an incredibly powerful article from The Guardian that I wanted to include. The content is deeply saddening but it’s an important read. Despite having worked in development for three years, I am continually shocked by the way people treat each other in this world.

The useful one

How to renew your tourist visa in Salta by The Future is Red

This blog wasn’t posted in July but it was so useful to me that I’m including it anyway. It gives step-by-step instructions for renewing your visa in Salta, Argentina. It’s incredibly useful but didn’t stop me from signing the form in the wrong place and becoming the laughing stock of the office!

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5 Responses to Most excellent travel blog posts: July 2012

  1. Torre – Fearful Adventurer

    Thank you for the mention! I think I may have unintentionally ignored your email to me and if I did that, I am sorry. I have Thailand brain, which is like pregnancy brain, only worse because it will not be helped by giving birth. The tropics have turned my brain into a brown banana—forever.
    Torre – Fearful Adventurer recently posted..Giving a Makeover to a Five Dollar Bungalow in ThailandMy Profile

    • Victoria

      No problem! I bet actually having a banana brain feels pretty relaxed though – like a permanent hazy, summer day. Hope all is well in your corner of paradise.

  2. Leigh Shulman

    Thanks for the mention! Empanadas soon!
    Leigh Shulman recently posted..Why the Burning Man Lottery Failed As Ilustrated w/ Kittens & HitlerMy Profile

  3. Nathan Agin

    thrilled to be part of this list – excited to check out other cool travel bloggers, too!!

    so which “way” are you enjoying most? :)
    Nathan Agin recently posted..Moments of the Week – #13My Profile

  4. Places to visit

    Great list thanks for sharing them in a more creative manner than a boring list.
    Places to visit recently posted..Kuoni’s latest luxury holiday offers for AugustMy Profile


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