Love in the shape of origami

Origami crane letter

This week, we have mostly been spending time with the sort of wonderful people who send letters like this. We love them, we’ve missed them and we are trying to cram in as much time as possible with each and every one of them. London has greeted us with more warmth than we could reasonably expect. Hence, I’m afraid there is no blog post this week. I promise an especially mega one on Tuesday.

From London, with love x


We love London

When we left our home in London, it wasn’t because we didn’t like the city. We were tired of its pace and ready to take a break, but our love for it has been alive throughout our travels. My own relationship with it is complicated. I love it in part for the role its played in my life. It’s where I set out on my own and found a home away from home. So many parts of the city are alive with memories – so good, some bad, and that’s where it gets complicated. It’s very freeing when one travels to have a blank canvas in terms of the location. It helps to see one’s own mind a little more clearly and uproot unhelpful habits. But then at home, you have the comfort and joy of the familiar. And more than that, you have friends. We’ve made many friends on our travels, but the bulk of the people we love are in the UK. It makes it hard to leave. I still haven’t worked out the answer. This blog is, in part, a journey to find it.

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