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If you had a superpower, what would it be? We’ve been asking that, and other questions that make you think, to the people we meet on our journey around the world. The answers are always fascinating – reminding us how similar and diverse we all are. So far we’ve talked to people in cafes in Buenos Aires, in the favelas in Brazil, and even the painter Sealaron.

As the people we meet are so central to our journey, we’ve decided to make Sundays ‘Superpower Sundays’ on Bridges and Balloons. We’ll be featuring our latest Superpower interviews, which are hosted on on our blog If I had a Superpower.

“My grandmother told me that when you start something you must remember three things: perseverance, humility and optimism” Mariano. Up first are Mariano and Milena, a couple we couchsurfed with in Puerto Madryn in Patagonia. Mariano was an excellent man who had his own music studio in the backyard, with an incredibly diverse range of instruments, which served as a hub for Puerto Madryn’s musicians. Milena is a professional singer, soon to be competing on Argentina’s version of TV talent show The Voice. Read their interviews and see their portraits on If I had a Superpower.


Tony Wheeler, Lonely Planet founder

We even got to interview the founder of the Lonely Planet, Tony Wheeler once. This was my favourite of his answers:

When was your happiest moment?

There are three times. One was the first year Maureen and I met. We were living in London and it was a really great time. I was really enjoying London and the life there, and we’d just met each other so we were falling in love and all that stuff. London was a special time.

Then when we took that big overland trip. That was amazing. I can still remember so much of it so clearly.

And then we lived in San Francisco in the mid 1980s. The business was growing at a fast pace in quite an exciting fashion, but it was also a time fraught with a lot of worrying and sleepless nights, and yet somehow the excitement of it overpowered that.


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  1. says

    LOVE this idea. I also feel that it is the people you meet on your travels that are central to your experiences, shaping them in the most important ways – they help you to carve your own remarkable way forward based on humility and understanding. These people leave an indelible mark on your soul, and your interviews and photos are such a beautiful way of marking this :)

  2. Victoria says

    Thanks Hannah. we’re really enjoying the project. It’s always so interesting to hear people’s answers. we learn something new every time.

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