Introducing Avatar therapy: a photo story

Tribal mud San pancho

Look at our smiling faces, the sunny days, the stories of lands afar. People often say how wonderfully happy we look – and we are, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our moments. We drown in piles of work, become irritable with those around us and get overwhelmed by the very fact of life – you know those ‘Oh my god, how are we breathing?, Why is a chair called a chair? and ‘We’re on a spinning planet’ type moments? Around about then it’s time for an intervention – a walk in the park, a favourite movie or, if we’re lucky, the new favourite, which we’ll christen Avatar Therapy.

Here’s introducing the latest in therapeutic techniques…

Jungle path in San Pancho

 It starts with a walk through the jungle…

Trees and clear water in San pancho

 …past peeling trees and turquoise waters…

The mud beach in San pancho

…until you reach the secret beach – your own private Pandora.

Mud pool San pancho

Look for the rocks tinged with blue and you’ll find the muddy treasure you’ve come for.

Mud montage San pancho mud beach

It’s time to begin your transformation to Na’vi. Dip your hands in, slather it on, and let the blue potion draw out the tribal within….

taking a mud bath in San pancho

…until you have your very own clan.

Steve in San Pancho mud

Those with beards will look especially good.

Mud fighting in San pancho

Battles are an inevitability once the inner warrior is unleashed…

Butterfly in the mud San pancho

…while other more peaceful members tend to attract beauty and butterflies.

Butterfly in the mud San pancho

We find that a jumping shot (or 100 failed tries) adds to the therapy’s benefits.

Victoria and Steve doing handstands

And of course a handstand always helps.

Christoph looking for crabsOnce the mud has dried, it’s time to dip in the ocean, shed your Na’vi skin and bask in your newfound softness – or search for crabs like Christoph.

Habib making a fire in San pancho

Of course, all good clans need a fire-maker.

Glowing red tree in San pancho jungle

And finally time to head home, glowing from your Avatar therapy and unable to talk about anything but how luscious your hair feels.

Thank you to the lovely Shannon at A Little Adrift for some of the excellent photos of Steve and I.

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We lived in San Pancho for six months and fell head over heels in love with town. We’ve written an extensive post of all our San Pancho tips. We called it 54 Reasons to Love San Pancho.

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  1. Coco says

    Oh wow, it really does make you look like you’re from Avatar!! It looks like you had great fun. That beach is gorgeous, too!

    • Victoria says

      Tailwind Jungle Lodge (where I did my teacher training) told me about it, but I didn’t make it there until a few months later. Wish I’d have gone before – I’d have made it a weekly visit!

  2. says

    These are some great photos and you both look like you’re having so much fun :) My favourite photo has to be the last one though (despite all the amazing mud faces haha) – it just looks other-worldly!

  3. says

    These photos are hilarious!
    Seriously day-dreaming of Mexico because of you and all the other bloggers there, selfishly spamming my news feed with lovely photographs… joking. Please continue. It is like my crack during this final exam period…
    The joy of living vicariously…

    • Victoria says

      Excellent! Pleased to be of help during the dreaded exams. We won’t stop posting, but they’ll be taking a different direction now as we head to Europe and Bali!

    • Victoria says

      We took them in San Pancho at a little beach hidden in the jungle. It’s about a two-hour walk from town ir can be accessed through soem private property/from a trail off the highway. The best way to find it is to ask around in town – it’s not an easy find! Sorry not to say they were taken on the little beach on South Bank!

    • Victoria says

      My dad was a twin too so I’m already likely to have twins — not 100% sure I want to increase that likelihood further!

  4. says

    Avatar Therapy? Heh very smart title! I loved reading this post, it is so vivid and so alive with all the great shots and I can feel the motion through them. Those smiles are truly great. Now I really want to try this!


  1. […] We erupted onto the beach (or at least I did since I slid and tripped on the trail more times than I’d like to cop to) as the trail’s steep slope abruptly ended on a quarter-mile stretch of sand bracketed on both ends by rocky outcroppings. The beach’s one drawback is a lack of shade, but beach-goers before us constructed a sturdy lean-to (a juxtaposition of terms but apt) from palm fronds and twine. With shade and a fire-pit we had the makings for a full day on our isolated beach, which we nicknamed Pandora since we were about to act out scenes from Avatar. […]

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