A few of our favourite things (March)

The Universe is full of splendid things waiting to be discovered, Carl Sagan

We’ve made it. We’re in Berlin and it is beautiful. The wide avenues, the bikes, the food, the parks – we’re in love. Lots of updates coming soon, but for now, here are a few of our favourite things…

One of our favourite people and bloggers is currently in Africa. Follow Shannon as she explores the country and its volunteer opportunities. Shannon was recently chosen as one of National Geographic’s Travellers of the Year and is an expert on all things volunteering. She blogs at A Little Adrift.

Here’s a little reminder of why the media is such a nightmare for women.

Fascinating photo story on The Iran You’ve Never Seen.

Photo by Cheyenne Randall via

Photo by Cheyenne Randall via Time Out

Oh my, these are too funny! Photoshop wizard Cheyenne Randall has hipsterized lots of celebrities including the amazing photo above of Will and Kate. I wish they really looked like that!

These Sufi-inspired collages exploring existence and identity are stunning.

Some beautiful wisdom on how travel helps you let go from Dan and Audrey at Uncornered Market. We’re delighted that they are now practically neighbours to us in Berlin.

An amusing reminder from Geraldine at The Everywhereist that PR people are people, too.

Fuji Lilac walkway

Photo via Matador

There are some incredibly epic travel photos in this Matador post, aptly titled 75 places so colorful it’s hard to believe they’re real.

Pop up books + stop motion animation is a beautiful combination. Watch this lifecycle of a water drop.

This is the most worthy video of the description ‘mesmerising’ that I’ve seen in some time. Traveler by Hotel 1171.

Oh, and in a lovely russian dolls of interviews, I was interviewed by Oh Comely magazine about my interview with Lionel Shriver.

And finally, this photo of a surfing pig, which is simply delightful.

surfing pig

Photo via Neatorma

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  1. says

    Oh my goodness, that picture of Will & Kate is hilarious – I like them better that way, too! I’m going to check out the article about the 75 colorful places…likely adding more places to my bucket list from there! Great round-up for March!

  2. Oliver says

    Finally! I already thought I missed the March edition… :) First of all: I love the first image, the message and the wee cactus! Pretty interesting approach to not feel asleep when sitting in front of the computer… 😉
    Another fantastic selection and marvellous Friday inspiration! I had a good laugh with the “hispterized” folks and the “PR email ping pong”. However, I found the piece about Iran absolutely stunning!!
    So thanks again a for the inspiration and is it April already!?? Cheers, Oliver

    • Victoria says

      That cactus came with our current air bnb apartment. I love it! There should be one more dose of inspiration coming before April. I’m making it fortnightly :)

      • Oliver says

        Fortnightly sounds brilliant Victoria! :) Not meant to “request” things to be covered or keep suggesting stuff, but please check the link “Berlin, Berlin ~ Nehemias Colindres” pasted below. I’m sure you will love it and I so had to think of the two of you actually! Absolutely captivating piece and just for the filmmaker records (read Steve): the film apparently has been shot using a D5… 😉
        So yes, feel free to consider it a quite “pushy” suggestion from my side.
        All the best again and keep enjoying the life in that city…

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