A few of our favourite things (December part II)

A few of our favourite things dec 2

Right now I’m too excited to write. Some of my favourite friends in the world are on their way to Devon to celebrate the new year with us. Yay! So while I sit grinning by the window, here are some favourite things for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy. And Happy New Year everyone!

Fantastic chemistry lesson via the medium of gifs. Look what happens when you add sodium to a dead cuttlefish!

These photos of tribes by Jimmy Nelson are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

The Earth breathing = awe.

Photo by Jimmy Nelson at Before They

Photo by Jimmy Nelson at Before They

Tee hee. Lots of astute observations in Mike Sowden’s piece, 35 Amazingly English To Do Before You Die.

An uncomfortable read on hacking. The title says it all. I challenged hackers to investigate me and what they found out is chilling

Wow! This face paint is incredible!

If you read my recent “F*ck it” post, you’ll know a current pet hate of mine is the misappropriation of scientific studies. This is a great article on best practices for interpreting scientific claims.

Photo by JeeYoung Lee

Photo by JeeYoung Lee

Do you always see faces in things? I certainly do. Here’s a great compilation of faces in unlikely places. The happy grass cells are my favourite.

These dreamscapes would be impressive even if done digitally, but the fact they’re made organically makes then mind-blowing. Wow!

fascinating look at life in Saudi Arabia behind closed doors via photographer Olivia Arthur.

As I compile favourite things, I notice I appear to have a penchant for all things flag related. These ones are particularly great.

And finally, this photo of Christmas with my family. A mega favourite thing.


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    Lots of good stuff to wrap up the year. Mike Sowden’s piece was hilarious. Wishing you guys a splendid 2014, full of travel, romance and all other cool stuff. Good luck!

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