Photo of the week: colour and cuisine in Mexico

Stuffed poblano

I once heard that you can get an idea of how healthy your meal is by the amount of colour on your plate – not fake, manufactured colour but the glorious rainbow of nature. If that rule is anything to go by then this plate comes out top notch, covering the full spectrum of colour from red to violet. It was one of the many excellent dishes that was served on my yoga teacher training course in Mexico.

Posted on January 18, 2013 by Victoria in Mexico, Photo of the Week, Yoga 2 Comments

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  1. Rachel Ramos

    How great are yoy guys? Love your blog and your work. Kepp them coming. By the way, you should definitely try the local gorditas. They are amazing.

    • Victoria

      Thanks Rachel. I haven’t seen a gorrito yet, but will keep my eyes peeled.


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