Photo of the week: colour and cuisine in Mexico

Stuffed poblano

I once heard that you can get an idea of how healthy your meal is by the amount of colour on your plate – not fake, manufactured colour but the glorious rainbow of nature. If that rule is anything to go by then this plate comes out top notch, covering the full spectrum of colour from red to violet. It was one of the many excellent dishes that was served on my yoga teacher training course in Mexico.

Yoga teacher training in Mexico

I’ve written a detailed post about my experience doing a teacher training in Mexico. Here’s an extract:

“I had days when I hated the course and days when I wished it would never end. As it progressed, I felt my moods balance out a little as I started to observe and respond, rather than react as things came up. Even in the moments of struggle, I appreciated that it was part of the journey. I always knew it was what I needed. That said, I relished the days off and enjoyed letting go with a cocktail or two in town. Before the course started, I wasn’t sure if that would be allowed, and was pleased by the relaxed outlook of the teachers. Yoga is something I want to integrate into my life, and I don’t want that to be at the expense of all fun and games. It’s really all about balance.”

We went on to live in San Pancho for six months. Here’s a mega post of all the reasons I loved it there.

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