A year on the road in photos…

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It’s 365 days since we stepped out of our empty London home onto the early morning streets of Peckham and made our way to Rio. Twelve months and twelve countries later, we’re in Mexico with no intention of stopping our travels. It’s been an epic year and, short of reading the blog in its entirety, I think the best way to tell it is in photos… Read more

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Time to stop. A new life in San Pancho

Bridges and Balloons beach

I’m writing this from the roof terrace of my new home, surrounded by palms, fuchsia pink flora and the sounds of tropical birds. Later, I’ll walk three minutes to the beach to watch the sunset as surfers catch waves in the evening light, and volunteers release baby turtles into the ocean. On my way I’ll pass new friends – bartenders, artists, musicians. When you walk through San Pancho, Mexico, it’s as though the whole village smiles. Read more

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Photo of the week: colour and cuisine in Mexico

Stuffed poblano

I once heard that you can get an idea of how healthy your meal is by the amount of colour on your plate – not fake, manufactured colour but the glorious rainbow of nature. If that rule is anything to go by then this plate comes out top notch, covering the full spectrum of colour from red to violet. It was one of the many excellent dishes that was served on my yoga teacher training course in Mexico.

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What is a yoga teacher training course really like?

Me in parsva bakasana

Before I started my yoga teacher training course, I really didn’t know what to expect. I’d read the syllabus, the schedule and the description, but there were plenty of gaps that couldn’t be filled. What would my fellow students be like? Why would they be doing the course? Would I be the least proficient? How would my body cope with so much yoga? How would it feel to be in retreat for a whole month, cut off from the outside world? The unanswerable questions were plenty.

So, now safely out the other side, here’s a breakdown of my experience…

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Photo of the week: yoga at sunset

yoga at sunset in San pancho, Mexico

The town of San Pancho in Mexico has stolen our hearts. We live a few minutes from the beach, I teach yoga every morning and we have a charming cottage-like home. One of the best moments of the day is at sunset when a group of friends gather to watch nature’s epic show. This one was particularly spectacular.

This post is dedicated to my Dad who died eleven years ago today. 

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Comparison is the thief of joy, and other stories

Comparison is the thief of Joy Roosevelt

An elfin-like girl perches on a chair, slicing her bow expertly across the strings as she winks and smiles at the dreadlocked guitarist. He’s the kind of man I can’t imagine ever not being topless. The singer sways with stoned, sparkling eyes, and the crowd dances wildly to the klezmer mix.

I sit to the side, entranced by the joyous scene, tapping my feet out of synch with the music. Mind patterns from the past creep in – why can’t I play an instrument? I wish I had that talent. I wish I were gorgeous. I wish I were cool. Why can’t I let go? I want to be confident and content like them – the types of thoughts that send one into a black hole of tangled envy and self-depreciation with the repeated mantra ‘not good enough, not good enough’. Read more

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