Review: Casa Isabel, Yelapa

Private beach at Casa Isabel


Casa Isabel, Yelapa, Mexico


From $35 for a single room, and $70 for a double.Three night minimum stay. Read more

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Review: Bauhouse Hostel and Bar, Cuenca

Bauhouse Hostel and Bar, Cuenca


Bauhouse Hostel and Bar, Benigno Malo10-31, Cuenca, Ecuador


$10 for a dorm and $32 for a double.

In a nutshell

Sleekly designed hipster party hostel and bar for the nocturnal. We loved it the first two nights, but hated it the day we left after being kept awake until the early hours by a party. Despite it’s good looks, in the future we’d book a hostel in Cuenca somewhere other than Bauhouse. Party-lovers may think differently. Read more

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Review: Izhcayluma Hosteria and Spa, Vilcabamba

Vilcabamba view from Izhcayluma


Izhcayluma Hosteria and Spa, Vilcabamba, Ecuador


 $10 for a dorm; $25-45 for a double

In a nutshell…

In their spot-on words “the luxury of a resort priced for backpackers”. It’s an affordable spa hotel that doesn’t cut corners on style or quality – and the views are incredible. It’s one of our favourite places we’ve stayed. Read more

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Sea and Forest Hostel, Trindade review

Before we left the UK, I kept lusting after beautiful yoga retreats in the wilderness. Unfortunately, many of them came with a huge price tag and were confined to the stuff of dreams.

Then one day I stumbled across the incredible Sea and Forest Hostel in Trindade. It ticked every box of my yoga dreams: a gorgeous platform amid the jungle within earshot of the sea, and with private wooden cabanas to sleep in. When I saw it, I could barely believe it. Instead of the hundreds or even thousands of pounds other yoga breaks go for, this one was only 50 reins per night and 12 for a yoga lesson. It didn’t have the luxury 5 star elements of some yoga hotels but that wasn’t the part I was looking for – I wanted nature and yoga, and this seemed perfect. Read more

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