Photo of the Week

Love in the shape of origami

Origami crane letter

This week, we have mostly been spending time with the sort of wonderful people who send letters like this. We love them, we’ve missed them and we are trying to cram in as much time as possible with each and every one of them. London has greeted us with more warmth than we could reasonably expect. Hence, I’m afraid there is no blog post this week. I promise an especially mega one on Tuesday.

From London, with love x

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Photo of the week: flower power in Mexico

Mexican flower

Mexico is one of the most colourful countries I have been to – from the houses to the jewelry to the decor to nature itself. This picture captures a part of it, with the gorgeous orange of the flower contrasted against the bright blue door. I wish all countries were this cheerfully bright.

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Photo of the week: guess who works at this desk?

Guitar making work station Paracho

I love having a peek into other people’s homes, desks and lives – little insights into what it would be like to live in their shoes. Can you guess who this workstation belongs to – what type of goods they create? The answer is in our latest post Roadtrippin’ to Paracho. Clue: think rhythmically.

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Photo of the week: turtle power in San Pancho


Every day at sunset in San Pancho, volunteers release baby turtles into the ocean. Volunteers patrol the beach at night and collect the eggs to protect them from local predators. These little guys had recently hatched and were in their basket, ready to be taken to the beach. They were scrambling around so much, it was tricky to find a focus.

In 16 years, the local turtle population has increased from 72 to 661 nesting females. Find out about volunteering with the turtles in San Pancho at Project Tortuga.

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Photo of the week: secret saint of Los Santos

Mexican saint

Los Santos is one of local bars in San Pancho, filled with striking, colourful Mexican murals and decorations, all with a saintly theme. One day, Steve discovered this guy hiding in the corner. We not sure what he’s the saint of but he looks amazing!

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Photo of the week: colour and cuisine in Mexico

Stuffed poblano

I once heard that you can get an idea of how healthy your meal is by the amount of colour on your plate – not fake, manufactured colour but the glorious rainbow of nature. If that rule is anything to go by then this plate comes out top notch, covering the full spectrum of colour from red to violet. It was one of the many excellent dishes that was served on my yoga teacher training course in Mexico.

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Photo of the week: yoga at sunset

yoga at sunset in San pancho, Mexico

The town of San Pancho in Mexico has stolen our hearts. We live a few minutes from the beach, I teach yoga every morning and we have a charming cottage-like home. One of the best moments of the day is at sunset when a group of friends gather to watch nature’s epic show. This one was particularly spectacular.

This post is dedicated to my Dad who died eleven years ago today. 

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Photo of the week: snake juice in Vilcabamba

Snake juice in Shanta's Vilcabamba

Victoria: “What’s snake juice? I don’t want to drink it if the snake had to be killed.”

Friend: “Oh no, it’s just the venom mixed with alcohol. You can extract that without killing the snake.”

Victoria: “Okay then, I’ll have a shot.”

After drinking the shot 

Victoria: “How do you make the drink?”

Shanta (owner of the bar): I get a big jar of alcohol and put the snake inside.

Victoria: A dead snake?

Shanta (owner of the bar): No, it’s alive when I put it in the jar. The alcohol kills it instantly. Look, you can see it here… Read more

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Photo of the week: sunset over Lake Titicaca

Sunset over Lake Titicaca

People complain about Copacabana in Bolivia. The usual gripes of too much tourism. But it’s a gateway to one of the world’s most spectacular lakes, the food is great and there are sunsets like this one. We loved it there. See more photos in our photo story on Isla del Sol.

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Photo of the Week: the last safe place on Earth

Golden light of Vilcabamba. Ecuador

When fleeing from the shape-shifting reptilians and the end of the world, the fearful Vilcabamba ex-pats also demonstrate great taste. The town, considered to be the last safe place on earth, is magically gorgeous, every day revealing a different light. This golden downpour was one of our favourites.

Read more about Vilcabamba, land of conspiracy theorists, in our latest post on one of the strangest towns we’ve ever visited…

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