We love Barcelona: a photo story

Walking towards Arc de Trimof BCN

Barcelona can’t help but be a city we love. It’s where we first got together on on fateful trip that started as a couple of friends back in 2008.  Since then, we’ve both lived in the city for stretches of time and it’s home to some of our favourite people. We’ll be returning next year for a couple of months when Steve works with our friend’s post-production studio on the final stages of Continuum, but in the meantime, here are some photos from our most recent trip. They’re a little whistle stop tour of the places we love. Read more

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A rare review: Mas Can Batlle

Mas Can Battle lounge

We don’t often write whole posts dedicated to a place we’ve stayed, but sometimes a rare find pops up that is so darn wonderful (and photogenic), it has to be shared, and Mas Can Batlle in Santa Pau, Catalonia was one of them. It’s the product of a young couple’s dream and for that reason it was something we could relate to. For the past nine years, Albert and Cristina have been transforming what was an abandoned farmhouse into a designer guesthouse that skillfully retains the charming character of the building’s history. Best of all, neither of the couple have any formal training in architecture or design, but what they’ve produced is worthy of designer accolades, and is testament to their vision, dedication and stunning attention to detail. We went there for the night prior to our hot air balloon flight, and it was truly is one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever stayed. Here are the photos to prove it.  Read more

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The day we went in a hot air balloon. Oh my.

Balloon mandala

With a name and design like ours, it was about time we went up in a hot air balloon, and we were delighted when Vol de Coloms invited us to do just that on a recent trip to Catalonia. Me oh my, what a day. Read more

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A year on the road in photos…

Live the life you've imagined

It’s 365 days since we stepped out of our empty London home onto the early morning streets of Peckham and made our way to Rio. Twelve months and twelve countries later, we’re in Mexico with no intention of stopping our travels. It’s been an epic year and, short of reading the blog in its entirety, I think the best way to tell it is in photos… Read more

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Introducing the blog house…

Back in July, I received an email from Kate McCulley, better known as Adventurous Kate. She was replying to an email I’d sent, and in it she mentioned an event she and a group of other experienced bloggers were running in September. They were offering a group of new bloggers the chance to stay with them in a villa in Spain and pick their brains on everything  blogging. It was an amazing opportunity with one glaring pitfall: I was in Argentina and it was in Europe. Read more

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Where to eat, drink and go out in Barcelona

On Barcelona Metro, where to go out in Barcelona

Yesterday I wrote my tops tips for what to do in Barcelona, one of my favourite cities in the world. Here’s the second part. covering one of the best aspects of the city – where to eat, drink and go out in Barcelona Read more

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Things to do in Barcelona, my home from home

Victoria on a swing in Ciutadella Park - one of the things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona will always be dear to my heart. It’s where I overcame heartbreak and re-found my independence – and later where Steve and I got together. I was always told I’d love it there, but I approached the city cautiously, nervous it might not live up to expectations. That was back in the summer of 2008. My one-week stay turned into four and six months later, I engineered my own redundancy and moved back to the city to live. Since those days, I’ve returned again and again to visit friends and spend time in the city that both mended and stole my heart.

I love sharing my favourite parts of the city and have showed plenty of people round or sent them off with a list of my top tips. I though it was about time I shared them here. Today I’ll cover things to do in Barcelona – areas to explore, places to go and where to stay. Tomorrow I’ll add Barcelona’s  restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs. It was this knowledge that led my friends to suggest I started a company called Victours! Read more

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