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Colourful Steps in Rio de Janeiro

Thanks to two different bloggers (the lovely 2away and Journey through a lens), we’ve been nominated to take part in Travel Supermarket’s Capture the Colour photo contest. It’s insanely last minute – the contest ends tomorrow – but we thought what the hell, and have spent the last hour digging through five months’ worth of photos looking for colourful pictures. Here’s what we’ve come up with:


We shot this photo  super-early in the morning in El Chalten, Argentina. We arrived the previous day to a town completely enshrouded in deep cloud, and were stunned to wake up the next day with clear skies and the glowing peak of Fitz Roy mountain in the distance. Believe it or not, these are the actual colours (not the result of heavy Photoshopping).

Fitz Roy in the morning, El Chalten.



We spied this tiny little internet cabin on top of Isla del Sol in Lake Titicaca, and were so amused by the idea of concealing oneself inside it to check Facebook when all around was one of the most spectacular views we’ve seen in a long time.

Internet cabin on Isla del Sol



We recently visited an animal sanctuary in Bolivia called La Senda Verde. Here is one of the many excellent spider monkeys they have (one of some 77 monkeys they have in total) lounging about on the green grass, inevitably plotting some kind of mischief.

Spider monkey lounging on the grass.



We were privy to the first snowfall of this winter down in Patagonia, and wandered for hours through a white wonderland, hardly seeing or meeting anyone else the entire time.

Winter wonderland in Patagonia



High atop the sugerloaf mountain in Rio de Janeiro, there lurks a particularly mischievous kind of creature – the sagui monkey. This little fellow was as intrigued by us as we were by him, and his face has to be one of our favourites of our entire trip so far.

Sugerloaf sagui monkey in Brazil


And now, we nominate the following bloggers to take part in the contest (and you’re going to have to be quick because it ends tomorrow – August 29th!):

1. Hannah at Further Bound

2. Torre at The Fearful Adventurer

3. Lisa at Doorways Traveller

4. Audrey at That Backpacker

5. Monica at The Travel Hack

Good luck everybody!

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