Photo story: Into the wild on Bolivia’s salt flats – day three

Sunrise over the salt flats

This is the final part of a three-part photo story on our adventure into Bolivia’s salt flats. See part one and part two.

A sunrise over the salar provided a fitting final morning for the colourful three-day tour. We all slept better that night and were excited for the final spectacle of the salt flats.

Tiny car on salt flats

Our hostel was on the edge of the salar so we immediately drove out onto the white expanse, making a beeline for Huasi Inca island.  or Fishes Island as it’s also known.

llama and salt flats

Llama, salar, cactus: no-one could resist this iconic island photo.

Victoria in her Andean costume

This was my Andean salt flats costume, modelled here atop the Huasi Inca Island. I may look a little ridiculous but I was wonderfully warm and how I loved that wool!

Dinosaur and beer can on salt flats

One of the ‘must-dos’ of the tour for many people is taking amusing perspective photos on the salt flats. We hadn’t given it much thought so had no pre-conceived ideas of what we’d do. Erin, our friend from Cafayate, wished for a dinosaur. It seemed impossible until fellow tour-mate Nick found one in the island gift shop. Great minds…
Perspective photography on salt flats

Dinosaur and beer can in tow, it was now time to take the photos, which proved much more tricky than anticipated. Here’s a shot of everyone trying to do the math.

Mini Victoria pulling the beer can

We eventually got it down…

Steve holding mini Victoria

…and played at being tiny people…

Jumping on the salt flats

…jumping in the sun.

Salt piles Uyuni

It’s easy to forget that the salar is, of course, edible. These are piles of salt, drying out in the sun, ready for collection. I wonder how long that pile would last in a home kitchen?

Metal face sculpture Uyuni, train graveyard

The final stop of the tour was the train graveyard where artists have made use of the retired parts.

See-saw in train graveyard, Uyuni

Steve and Nick found a giant see-saw. Memories of flying into the air as a child made me step away.

Swinging in Uyuni

Instead I stuck to the swing. A cheery way to end a phenomenal adventure.

This is the final part of a three-part photo story on our adventure into Bolivia’s salt flats. See part one and part two here.


Useful information of the salt flats tour

More information on the tour and how we chose our tour operator can be found in part one and part two to the photo story.

The tour ends in Uyuni around midday. There isn’t much in town so I wouldn’t recommend hanging around. We got a nightbus to La Paz, which was one of the rockiest journeys I have ever been on. The Lonely Planet described it as bone-shaking and they definitely weren’t exaggerating. We originally booked with Todo Turismo but when we arrived in Uyuni, we found out they had sold our ticket to someone else. Luckily, Cordillera were able to book us onto a different bus.

One reason to stop in Uyuni is Minuteman Pizza where we shared a delicious evening meal before catching our bus.


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  1. says

    Wow, incredible photos! That train graveyard actually looks a bit eery… LOVE the photo of Steve holding a tiny Victoria! :) I definitely need to check this place out someday.

    • Victoria says

      Thanks Kaleena. It’s easier to take a good photo than a bad one on the Salar! I love the photo of Steve holding me too – I always wished I was a borrower when I was younger!

    • Victoria says

      Thanks Neelima. That pic is one of my favourites too. It was a beautiful moment watching it disappear into the whiteness.

    • Victoria says

      Thanks Shannon! I love those hats too. All you need to do is get to the Andes – they’re like a uniform for travellers there!

  2. says

    I hope you took more optical illusion photos than just the two you showed here! How cold was it during your trip? The clear skies and salt flats that look like sand trick me into thinking that it must be warm…but I know it’s not!

    • Victoria says

      Hey Alana, Look at what we’re wearing! It definitely wasn’t warm. In fact, at night it was freezing cold. I wore all my clothes to bed! And yes, we took a few more photos, but it’s actually a lot harder than it looks so took quite a bit of time.

  3. says

    Salar de Uyuni is one of my favorite places in the world. I also have a picture of myself with a dinosaur on the salt flats. Hahaha.

    I love all the pics in the series. I think the beer can is one of my fave perspective photos yet!

  4. says

    It’s fascinating how places constantly change. When I visited the salt flats almost four years ago there was no playground at the train graveyard. The temperature seems to be about the same though 😉


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