Most excellent travel blog posts: October 2012

Smaracuja Week in Picture

Photos by Nina at Smaracuja

It’s time for my pick of October’s best travel blog posts. Some time spent at TBU and TBEX in September meant I got introduced to a lot of new gems, which is where many of these came from…

The one that inspired us…

Be a cancer survivor: part one by Life’s Little Victories

I had a cancer scare this month, and found CeCe’s blog when she left a comment on mine. Unlike me, CeCe’s results came back positive and she found out she had skin cancer. Her reaction to the news in this blog is wonderfully inspiring. She has incredible positivity and selflessness mixed with a great sense of humour. Her blog is also beautifully designed, and it’s now firmly on my RSS feed. I suggest you add it to yours.

The gorgeous ones…

My week in pictures by Smaracuja

On my way back to Barcelona from TBEX, I happened to be on the same train as Nina from Berlin who blogs at Smaracuja. We swapped cards and I was delighted to find she has one of the most beautiful travel blogs around. I especially love her ‘week in pictures’ feature. It’s always dreamily gorgeous.

The Burning Man experience by Gone with the Wynns

I don’t watch a lot of travel videos but encountering Gone with the Wynns has made me think I should start. This video is about their time at Burning Man, a festival Steve and I have always wanted to go to – and want to go to even more after seeing this film.

The ones that made us think…

Takeaways from TBEX by Flora the Explorer

I met Flora at TBU, and went to both the blog house and TBEX with her. She’s an awesome writer and I particularly enjoyed this honest account of her struggles with social media slavery at the conferences.

Local travel: why, why not and what the hell? by Fevered Mutterings

Mike recently talked on a panel about the concept of local travel. Out of it resulted this thoughtful and amusing post on what ‘local travel’ means and why people are so obsessed with it.

The ones that aren’t blogs at all…

The Travelers Handbooks

These aren’t strictly blogs, in fact they’re books, but they are written by bloggers so I thought I’d slip them in. It’s an awesome series called The Traveler’s Handbook. The first in the series are on food, volunteer, solo, luxury and career break travel, and include some of my favourite bloggers – Shannon (A Little Adrift), Jodi (Legal Nomads) and Janice (Solo Traveler).  I also like this blog by Shannon on the process of writing the book.

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    • Victoria says

      Thank you Shannon! The yoga teaching is intense on the body and mind but all is going well. Hope all is well with you and I get to see you down here soon :)

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    Hi friends,

    Thanks for sharing an useful information. Really an awesome blog. And i need to know more things about local travel. And i wanna to see the travelers handbook because in that book weather they mention about “Local tourist Spots”…..


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